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Dinduks' snippets

Linux: trust a self-signed SSL certificate Tags: ssl, linux
Generate a SSL certificate without a hassle Tags: ssl
Java: Parse HTTP headers from an InputStream Tags: java, inputstream, http
Python Cheat Sheet Tags: python
Neo4J: Drop ALL the nodes! Tags: neo4j
Java: Create an InputStream from an OutputStream Tags: java, inputstream, outputstream
MIT Scheme: Run a script Tags: scheme, mit-scheme
Java array to Scala Seq from Java code Tags: java, scala, array, seq, JavaConversions
C: Ignore a big portion of code Tags: c
Git: Remove all ignored but still tracked files Tags: git
Function pointers in C example Tags: c
Simple pagination algorithm Tags: pagination
Random awesome Unix commands Tags: unix
Java's JDK/JRE default paths on Debian based distros Tags: java, jdk, jre, debian
Create a new user for PostgreSQL Tags: postgres, postgresql, add user
PHP: Unset an array's first element and return the result Tags: php
Git: warning: refname 'remote/branch' is ambiguous Tags: git, refname, ambigous
MySQL: Display the code needed to create a specific table Tags: mysql
Git: Apply some commit(s) changes without creating a new commit Tags: git
Git: change a commit's author name Tags: git